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Outstanding InstructionOwned and led by Matthew Mason, a classically trained pianist and composer with degrees from the University of Houston and the University of Southern California, Pianicity combines established music theory with an innovative, yet centuries-old instruction technique. And though Matthew is an accomplished concert musician in his own right, the focus at Pianicity is the interaction among the instructor, individuals, and their peers. Eighty eight keys have not changed in hundreds of years, but a talented teacher combined with the right approach set Pianicity apart.
Individual Success in a Group SettingAt Pianicity these lessons are not taught in isolation with an all-knowing teacher. We teach individual bodies and souls as a group, where the students get to interact with each other as well as with the teacher. This brings a level of excitement to the lessons taught that is simply not possible in a one-on-one. Students learn from each other, watch each other, get answers to questions that someone else asked. They learn by example that questions lead to growth, that their classmates have struggles and victories just like they do, and that, since their classmates have overcome hurdles and won the victory, that they can too. Experiencing all these lessons as a group is more addictive than Facebook or video games, and more fruitful.
Lessons for a LifetimeAt Pianicity, our students gain more than excellence in piano and theory. Our teaching techniques instill students with lessons that can be applied again and again. In a digital world with its myriad distractions, the learned ability to focus primes our students for lifelong success. The techniques that we use to teach piano translate into all areas of life, not just music - this is the icing on the cake. Using them, by extension, we also teach how to learn any complex task, how to accomplish more in less time, how to be a teammate, how to be a competitor, how to set goals on a calendar and achieve them, how to be diligent, the satisfactions of winning, the sting of losing, the satisfaction of earning the recognition of your peers.

Music School Kingwood TX

At Pianicity, our mission is to teach you to play the piano as well as learn the concepts of music theory in a fun environment that is also conducive to learning.  At our music school in Kingwood, TX, we teach children ages 5 to 18 how to read music and play the piano in a classroom setting. Our classes are custom-tailored to our student's grade level so that they are not learning at someone else's level of experience. Our classroom setting allows for interaction with other students so they can learn by watching and listening to others while at the same time receiving expert individualized instruction.

Pianicity is owned and run by Matthew Mason, a classically-trained pianist who combines traditional music theory with an innovative approach to piano instruction. He has degrees from the University of Houston and the University of Southern California. Matthew has written his own curriculum for Pianicity that includes the Pomodoro time management technique. This technique is particularly helpful for those with wandering attention. His years of experience teaching piano combined with his innovative teaching techniques allow Pianicity’s students to excel in all musical endeavors while also instilling in them valuable lessons that last a lifetime. 

For effective, unique piano instruction classes that will have you playing like a professional, stop by Pianicity or call (832) 654-7941 today.

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